The FISHER® STEEL-CASTER stainless steel hopper spreaders were designed for efficiency and engineered for durability. Built with the experience of more than six decades of battling tough New England storms, the STEEL-CASTER hopper spreaders are available in six sizes, with more standard features and the latest advancements in technology, resulting in maximum material control and minimal waste.




Make easy work of snow and ice with a hopper spreader that’s purpose-built for half-ton and light-duty trucks. Designed in both 0.7 and 0.35 cu yd capacities, the all-new STEEL-CASTER™ stainless steel hopper spreaders have all the power and performance of larger FISHER® STEEL-CASTER hopper spreaders, but in a more compact size to better accommodate your smaller spaces and jobs.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Spreader Length

5', 7'

Spreader Capacity

.7 cu yd, 1.5 cu yd

Spreader Motor Option

Electric Motor