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All Western Plow prices include mount and electrical parts for your vehicle application.


Western Defender

Western Defender is a great entry-level plow for compact trucks, SUVs, and half-ton trucks. This plow is ideal for a small business parking lot and homeowners plowing their driveways. It also fits many Jeep vehicles.


Western HTS

The HTS is Western’s “Half-Ton-Snowplow”. This 7 1/2′ blade is ideal for the half-ton truck owner looking to get additional use out of their vehicle. We recommend this blade for homeowners and small business owners.


Western Midweight

MidWeight is the entry-level commercial plow blade from Western Plows. With full UltraMount 2 mounting and commercial-rated hydraulics, this is great plow. In addition, it fits on many, but not all, half-ton truck applications. It is avaiable in Steel and Poly Blades.


Western Pro Plow Series 2

Pro Plow is Western’s flagship straight blade snow plow. Series 2 gives you all the quality you’ve come to expect from Western Plows with all of the newest features including UltraMount 2 and FleetFlex wiring system.


Western Pro Plus

PRO PLUS blades are heaviest duty straight blade Western offers. Avaiiable from 8′ to 10′(Pro Plus HD) lengths, this straight blade plow is great for 3/4 and 1-ton truck applications when only the toughest plow will do the trick.


Western MVP Plus

MVP Plus V-Blades are a great choice when you need to bust through a snow drift or stack snow in tight areas. Designed for 3/4-ton and above applications, this is a great choice for many commercial plow vehicles. In addition, it has available Blade Wing Extensions.

MVP 3™ V-Plow

Western MVP 3

The MVP 3 blade is the big brother to the MVP Plus. It is available in Mild Steel, Poly, or Stainless Steel and makes a great addition to any commercial plow fleet. Available in 8.5′, 9.5′ or 10.5′ widths to fit many applications.


Western Prodigy

Prodigy is a snow moving machine. Commercial plowers who don’t want to spring the extra cost for a Wide-Out will appreciate the Prodigy. Additionally, it can be a great fit due to it’s reduced hydraulic components and easy operation.



Enforcer V-Blades were designed specifically for half-ton truck applications. Customers looking for a v-plow for their half-ton can end their search here. Available in Stainless or mild steel, this 7.5′ blade will turn your half-ton truck into a snow moving workhorse.


Western Wide-Out Plows are parking lot clearing machines. Adjustable from 8′ to 10′ in straight blade mode, this plow can do it all. The adjustable wings make carrying big piles across the lot a breeze. Check it out today!


Impact UTV

Looking for a plow for your UTV? Western Impact Heavy-Duty Straight Blade an V-Blade plows are the best in the business. Full hydraulic lift and angle make these the perfect partner for your all-purpose utility vehicle.


Wide Out XL

Is the Wide-Out still a little small for your taste? Luckily, the Wetern Wide-Out XL in it’s 8.5′ – 11′ glory is here to handle your extra large appetite. 1-ton and larger trucks will pair well with this plow to pile up snow on large parking lot jobs in no time at all.



The Impact Mid-Duty plows will make a great addition to your smaller UTV. Built to give a high-quality option to owners of smaller UTV models, we’re excited for this game-changing product to hit the market.

PRODIGY™ Skid Steer

prodigy skid steer

The Prodigy blade with Skid-Steer attachment turns your skid-steer into a snow moving monster. The fully mechanical wings give you incredible plowing capability while making good use of your existing equipment.


Pro Plus Skid Steer

Western Pro Plus Skid Steer Blades are a great addition to your fleet. Make quick work of clearing parking lots with your skid steer equipment. Additionally, you can add some blade wing extensions to give you even more snow moving capability.

Western Snow Plow Price List

Welcome to WesternParts.com! We stock a large inventory of plows and parts. For instance, we have all of the plow parts and salt spreader parts you need for your Western snowplow or salt spreader. We have a full line of Western Snow Plows for sale and Western Tornado and Striker salt spreaders with Nationwide shipping and the lowest shipped price in the country on plow equipment. If you are looking for a heavy duty straight plow blade Pro Plus or the high quality Contractor Grade Western Wide-Out, We have the competitive western plow prices you’ve been looking for on the commercial straight blade snow plow equipment. Call us today! At WesternParts.com we carry all of the contractor grade western products you’re looking for.

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Interested in a salt spreader? Whether you need a plow or spreader, WesternParts.com carries a tailgate mounted and hopper spreaders for many vehicles. As a result, we have mounts to fit most Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Jeep & Toyota trucks. In addition, we are close to Milwaukee Wisconsin which allows faster delivery even on non-stocking parts. Most importantly, we offer financing for our customers. Please contact us for details or to complete an application. We have been in business for over 20 years and have the background knowledge to help you with your snow equipment needs. In order to please our customers we keep a large on-hand inventory and employ experts on snow plow equipment. We can answer your questions about your wiring harness or help troubleshoot a hydraulic problem.

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