Common Questions

Electrical Plug Identification

There are multiple different wiring scenarios that have existed over the years for Western Plows. In an effort to simplify the identification, we’ve taken some photos that show the different plug options to help you identify them. Other areas of our website will reference a “relay system” or “isolation module” system, and this will help […]

How do you hook up a Western Plow?

Hooking up an UltraMount/UltraMount 2 Western Snow Plow The video below shows the simple process of hooking up your Western UltraMount/UltraMount 2 Snow Plow   Hooking up a UniMount Western Snow Plow The photo below shows the process of removing and attaching your Western UniMount Plow

How Much Will it Cost to Install a Used Plow on my Truck?

Short Answer… It Depends How much does it cost to install a plow on a truck? This is a question we hear all the time, and unfortunately it doesn’t always have a clear answer.  In order to answer that question completely, we need to know a few things about the used plow that you’re working […]