How Much Will it Cost to Install a Used Plow on my Truck?

Short Answer… It Depends

How much does it cost to install a used Western plow on a truck? This is a question we hear all the time, and unfortunately it doesn’t always have a clear answer.  In order to answer that question completely, we need to know a few things about the used plow that you’re working with:

  1. What mount system does the plow use? Check out the video below to help in identifying the two most common mount systems. If it’s different than one of these two, we’d recommend staying away from it as it’s probably too old to get a vehicle mount for.
  2. Does the plow include the wiring and mounts from the previous vehicle? What condition are they in? Are they the same mounts and wiring components that I’ll need for my vehicle?
  3. Does the plow come with a controller or receivers? (UltraMount only)
  4. Which electrical system does the plow use? Check out our Electrical Plug Identification page for help determining what wiring your plow uses.

Our Recommendation

Unless the wiring is in really good shape, which we find is usually the exception rather than the rule, we strongly recommend replacing all of the under-hood wiring when moving a plow over to new vehicle. This will insure a much lower likelihood of electrical issues down the road. With all of that said, the answer to the “How Much Will it Cost Me?” question isn’t always cut and dry.  There are scenarios that exist where you could purchase a used plow that comes with every last part you would need to operate it, but these are the ABSOLUTE EXCEPTION to the rule.  In our experience, you can usually figure to spend anywhere from $900 – $1500 on average for the parts you’ll need to complete the installation of a used plow, with the high end being upwards of $2000 in certain circumstances where you need a controller and all of the mounting components.

Once you’ve identified a plow, I would encourage you to check out our Western Installation Kit lookup page to get a sense of what it would cost to get all of the truck-side components for your truck. Our kits come standard with a mount and all wiring components less the controller. They have options for adding a controller, receivers (where necessary) and light upgrades.

If you have further questions we can answer, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Determining exactly what you need for your vehicle and plow application can be tricky even for seasoned pros. Let our expert staff take the worry out of making sure you’re getting the right parts.

Read all this and decided it might just be easier to order a brand new plow? We can help with that, too! Check out our Complete Plows page and request a quote on any of the Western and Fisher models we carry.