Electrical Plug Identification

There are multiple different wiring scenarios that have existed over the years for Western Plows. In an effort to simplify the identification, we’ve taken some photos that show the different plug options to help you identify them. Other areas of our website will reference a “relay system” or “isolation module” system, and this will help you know what you have. If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

9-Pin Relay System
Straight Blade (Most Common Option) UniMount & Early UltraMount Plows (up to 2004)
12-Pin Relay System
Straight Blade (Certain early 2000’s Chevy/Dodge Trucks Only) & V-Blade (All V-Blades) UniMount & Early UltraMount Plows (up to 2004)
3-Pin 3-Plug Isolation Module System
Straight Blade UltraMount Plows (2005 – 2013)
7-Pin 3-Plug Isolation Module System
V-Blade UltraMount Plows (2005 – 2011)
Fleet Flex Isolation Module System – Current System used on all Wide-Out, Prodigy, HTS, MVP Plus, MVP 3 and 2014 and newer Straight Blade MidWeight, Pro Plow, and Pro Plus Plows.