How do you hook up a Western Plow?

Hooking up an UltraMount/UltraMount 2 Western Snow Plow

Once you have installed the components for your Western Plow on your truck, it’s time to hook up your UltraMount plow. This is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Align the vehicle receiver brackets with the snowplow horns and drive the vehicle slowly forward until the snowplow horns fully seat inside the receiver brackets.
  2. After seating the snowplow horns in the receiver brackets, pull the handle up to lift the shoe off the ground, then pull the lock pin and rotate the handle so the stand hook grips the receiver pin and the lock pin locks into the upper hole. Repeat this step on both sides.
  3. Connect the plow electrical plugs to the grill connectors.

The video below shows the simple process of hooking up your Western UltraMount/UltraMount 2 Snow Plow


Hooking up a UniMount Western Snow Plow

Connecting your UniMount plow to your truck is a 4-step process:

  1. Position plow close to your truck, ensuring lock pin and hitch pins are removed. Rotate lift frame toward vehicle to alight hitch pin holes
  2. Attach A-Frame to vehicle using 2 hitch pins. Rotate lift frame towards vehicle and swing link arm up to positon link arm hold over lift frame stud, sliding link arm onto the stud.
  3. Pull stand pin to release stand from lift frame.
  4. Rotate stand to storage position and connect electrical plugs.

The photo below shows the process of removing and attaching your Western UniMount Plow